WE  ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS                         

Full-Charge Bookkeeping

This service includes accounts payable, accounts receivable with collections, payroll with option of direct deposit and payroll taxes, general ledger and financial statements. This can fully be done by us or you have the choice to choose manual input “after the fact” and can pick which services you need.


“Full Service” includes us ordering checks and processing your account payable and payroll. You will receive reports and we will obtain your authorization before checks are issued. We prepare payroll tax forms and annual W-2’s for your employees. We also offer optional direct deposit for your employees. We also offer accounts receivable. We create professional invoices and monthly statements to your clients. Included in this service in collections for those who don’t pay their invoice in a timely manner. You will receive monthly reports including Financial Statements. These reports tell you how well your business is doing.


“After the fact” If you want to write your own checks, we can still offer full charge bookkeeping. We will enter your transactions from your check register. And you can pick any of the services listed above to add to your services from us.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts receivable is when you bill someone for services you provided to them. We can bill your client on a professional invoice and/or create monthly statements and we offer collection service for those who do not pay on time.


Or if you invoice at time of service we can offer "after the fact transactions. And still provide entitled to all the above services.

We can also print and file 1099 annual forms.


Audit Preperation

Preparing for an audit can be very stressful. We can help you to put your finances together to make the process less stressful to you. We will find deductions that you didn't even know about. Made a mistake on your return? Need help to fix it? Give us a call or schedule an appointment.

Accounts Payable

Accounts payable is when you owe someone else money for services or goods.  We can produce computerized checks to pay your vendors.

Or you can write the checks and we can manually enter them "after the fact".


Are you thinking about starting a business but do not know where to begin?


We can help you set up your business entity, legal registrations and your accounting Structure. We can guide you every step of the way.

We also provide private accounting software training personalized to your business.

We can design custom forms for your business and we can do website design and maintenance.

Accounts Payable
Income Tax Returns

We offer affordable Income Tax preparation. We offer Individual, Individual with Sch C or Sch E, Corporation and Partnerships.  See our additional Tax Page for more details.

We offer computerized payroll. We can issue the paychecks and/or direct deposit.

If you want to do you own checks then we would process the payroll and provide you with reports to write out your payroll checks.

This service includes payroll tax reporting,  returns and annual W-2's & 1099's


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